Competent Strata Assistance
Competent Strata falls outside the box when it comes to strata management.

We are not just about buildings…we're beyond building boundaries. It's the personal relationship with owners that matters most.

We believe all owners want the same results of their property:

  • Great place to live
  • Residents feel safe
  • Owners  proud of their address
  • Provide great returns to investors
  • Achieve good sales prices
  • Short marketing campaign if listed
  • Confident in how levies are spent
  • Clear/transparent communication  
  • Services delivered on time/budget

Assisting complexes to utilise and implement tools available to fulfil their obligations within the Strata Titles Act (1985).

Whether you seek full-service management or assistance in a limited scale…Make the call to see how we can help.
Office Hours
Competent Strata Assistance Pty Limited
Level 24, Allendale Square, 77 St Georges Terrace, Perth
PO Box 8413 Angelo Street, South Perth WA 6151
Phone: 08 6188 7520 or Molbile: 0448 880 272
Competent Strata is a business member of Strata Communities WA
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